Our History

Welcome to “Let’s B Krystal Klearr”. This website was birthed in 2019 as a faith-based blog created by founder, Brittany Krystal. After a series of disappointments, she made a decision to set fear aside and act on the desire that God placed in her heart to start a blog. The goal was to simply share her journey in an effort to help inspire other young women, who may have had or will have similar experiences, by just being honest about real life challenges and lessons learnt along the way.

Here’s her message to you:

I know that at times we may feel like we’re the only one who has ever had to endure certain challenges, which is far from the truth. I want you to know that you are not alone! Hope still exists. So far, you (yes, you!) have survived 100% of your worst days. That’s enough reason to celebrate! The fact that you still have life means that you still have a purpose to fulfil.

Brittany Krystal

Join us on this journey! and “Let’s [just] B Krystal Klearr” about all things Faith, Life, Purpose and Transparency.

Love & Blessings ❀

“Great men and women are only born for the time that they are needed the most, and the only reason you’re still here is because God is not finished. If this were everything that life had to offer, then you would have a reason to quit. But, because God is not finished, you have to press harder to see what tomorrow holds.”

– Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson III


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